Getting past the scary "churchy" words

In the Greek language the word for sin is “hamartia.” Translated literally, it means to miss the mark as one might miss a target in archery. In the same vein, the Greek word for repent is “metanoia” meaning simply to change one’s mind. Images of sin and repentance therefore should not invoke imagery of us dangling over the fires of Hell precariously held in the hands of an angry God. The notion of sin and repentance should include the grace and love demonstrated by Jesus as he gently helped people realize when they were going in a damaging direction and helped them change their minds as to which direction to go…one illicits isolation and fear…the other fosters relationship and growth…one is healthy, the other is pathological. May we realize where we may be missing the mark in our own lives and make the decision to change these areas for the better and in doing so, may we inspire others to do the same. This is how a life of faith is supposed to work.-

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