The Humility of Spirituality

Spirituality adds the quality of humility to our lives. It allows us to cope with the notion that we are finite beings on this planet for a limited time. It allows us to make meaning of our tasks and to live our lives in spite of all the existential questions we are surrounded with. It acknowledges that there are great mysteries that we cannot fully understand this side of death, but it also provides us with the faith to deal with those mysteries. It pushes us to seek the answers to life’s greatest questions while simultaneously reminding us that the struggle to answer the question is sometimes more important than the answer. However, of all the things spirituality does for us the greatest is to afford a sense of connection. We realize that we are not stand alone islands in the world. If we truly look hard enough, we can see others in ourselves, ourselves in others, and God all around us and within us. It is not easy to follow a spiritual path, but it is worth it.-

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