Do you love yourself?

There is an intriguing little Biblical passage that says that we should love one another as we love ourselves. It doesn’t say we have to agree with the ideas or positions of one another, just that we should love one another. We are failing miserably at that, but not for the reason you think. We live in a polarized society where people are constantly seeking someone to blame for everything. Everything is right or wrong and if you disagree with what another person thinks you are a bad person. It seems as though we walk around looking for things to be offended about while failing to take responsibility for our actions. All the while, we are failing to love others as ourselves. Jesus knew when he said those words that loving ourselves had to be part of the equation. For if we truly love ourselves in a healthy way, the natural byproduct is for us to share that love with others as well. As with most things, the solution lies within each one of us. May one that is larger than us free us of our character defects and give us a love for ourselves and others that transcends fear, political opinion, or whatever other situation that may exist. Love is not a limited commodity and all deserve it. I wonder what the world would look like if we spent more time loving others than we did attacking them…I think the world would be quite a different place.-

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