The Lord Helps Those That Help Themselves…

“The Lord helps those who help themselves.” This is a verse often quoted by people, but….it is not actually in the Bible. Generally people cite this non-existent scripture as a way of justifying their self-reliance or in encouraging another to take action in their life. The challenge with this statement is that is places a premium on our activity over our faith. A problem exists when we only have actions, but fail to develop a faith to guide those actions. Fortunately, we have a few examples of what faith in action looks like. In the book of Mark, a man named Bartimaeus who was a beggar in Jericho had his eyesight restored by Jesus. Bartimaeus cried out to Jesus as he walked by believing that Jesus could heal him, and Jesus does indeed come over and heal him. His words as he leaves Bartimaeus are: “Go, your faith has made you well.” As I read the passage, the most remarkable thing about it is not that Jesus restored a man’s eyesight. The most important piece that I see is that of Bartimaeus’ faith. His faith was more than just an internal quality. It spurred him into action believing that he could be healed. Had he not cried out to Jesus, he would not have been healed. It was because of his faith that he did cry out to Jesus and was healed, but it is not enough to cry out, we must also believe that we can be healed. Perhaps James sums it up the best by saying: “faith without works is dead.” The works attached to faith are an outpouring of our belief. What we believe in dictates our actions and guides our path. We become the very manifestation of our true inner thoughts, attitudes, and assumptions. This is true whether we are acting in faith or selfish ambition. May we be people that put our faith into action manifesting all manners of greatness stemming from the beauty that exists within each one of our hearts.-

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