Living in 2020 America

Thoughts from my friend James Haggie:

Living here in these times, where issues long pushed below the thinly veneered societal surface that we have adorned with garlands of wealth and shiny trinkets to mark success of one over the other have been thrust forth out into the open, very much feels like the exact moment that a compression adhesive bandage over a particularly deep and unpleasant wound has been expertly ripped off; in the instant that it’s free of your skin, you plainly see the wound that needs to heal, and as you are remembering how it felt to be cognizant of when you first felt the blades injury, and while the nerve endings are still feverishly toiling to bring the myriad sensations to your awareness, you are keenly aware that an awful and perhaps even protracted stinging unpleasant discomfort is headed right for you even though you don’t feel it in that instant. We can be sure that it is coming toward us.

I hope that we are collectively prepared for the hard work of healing these fractured and often deep rifts, the wounds on humanity, that we have allowed to form and fester in the tiniest of spaces, in that impossibly short distance that exists between us, because it is certain nothing will change if we are unwilling to labor, unified, under the twin yokes of acceptance and contrition. Mouth closed/heart and mind open.-

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