Attachment Versus Connection: Letting Go Of Ego In Our Lives

The purpose of religious engagement and in particular the cultivation of spirituality is to live a life of meaning and purpose. Abraham Maslow created a rough equivalent goal with the point of the triangle of his “hierarchy of needs.” Maslow refers to this point as “self-actualization.” Self-actualization is a piece of living a life ofContinue reading “Attachment Versus Connection: Letting Go Of Ego In Our Lives”

Becoming who we might be…

One of the most fascinating accounts in the Bible for me is Moses’ encounter with the burning bush. For those of you not familiar with this account, Moses is out in the desert tending his flock and doing the work of a shepherd. He comes across this bush that is on fire, but not beingContinue reading “Becoming who we might be…”

Moving From Powerless to Empowering

When our body heals from an injury, we are usually left with a scar. The body heals itself for the obvious reason of keeping us alive. The same is true for our psyche. It has an enormous capacity to heal itself under the right conditions and with a bit of motivation. The goal again beingContinue reading “Moving From Powerless to Empowering”

Thoughts on Acceptance

Thoughts on Acceptance “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” -Joseph Goldstein People tend to polarize on the issue of acceptance.  Either they feel like that have complete control over something or they feel as though they are completely powerless.  Neither is a truly realistic view.  In my work with patientsContinue reading “Thoughts on Acceptance”

The Power of Our Personal Stories

The Power of Our Personal Stories “If there is meaning in life at all, then there must be meaning in suffering.” -Viktor Frankl We all like stories.  We all have a favorite movie or book, but most of us have never stopped to wonder why that movie or book may be our favorite.  One ofContinue reading “The Power of Our Personal Stories”