Missing the Mark…

In my early church attending days, I remember preachers standing up in the pulpit railing on about sin. It seems that everything fun or even remotely interesting was somehow labeled as a sin. That word was so heavy in retrospect. It was uttered with a “hiss” by most preachers and was always accompanied by dramaticContinue reading “Missing the Mark…”

The Saving Nature of Pain

Viktor Frankl, a Jewish physician and the originator of a therapeutic modality called “Logotherapy,” found himself imprisoned in a concentration camp in World War II. There, he made an interesting observation. Frankl noticed that it was not always the strongest individual who survived the harsh conditions of the camp. He observed that the people whoContinue reading “The Saving Nature of Pain”

Attachment Versus Connection: Letting Go Of Ego In Our Lives

The purpose of religious engagement and in particular the cultivation of spirituality is to live a life of meaning and purpose. Abraham Maslow created a rough equivalent goal with the point of the triangle of his “hierarchy of needs.” Maslow refers to this point as “self-actualization.” Self-actualization is a piece of living a life ofContinue reading “Attachment Versus Connection: Letting Go Of Ego In Our Lives”

Thoughts on Acceptance

Thoughts on Acceptance “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” -Joseph Goldstein People tend to polarize on the issue of acceptance.  Either they feel like that have complete control over something or they feel as though they are completely powerless.  Neither is a truly realistic view.  In my work with patientsContinue reading “Thoughts on Acceptance”


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